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Feature / USA / 1947 / Drama, Mystery / 87 mins / English


Nominated for five Oscars and starring Robert Young, Robert Mitchum and Robert Ryan, Crossfire was the first film to delve into anti-Semitism in America. Taking place just after WWII, this moody film noir follows Detective Finley (Young) as he investigates the murder of a Jewish war veteran. It was based on the novel The Brick Foxhole by screenwriter/director Richard Brooks (Elmer Gantry, In Cold Blood) and helmed by director Edward Dmytryk and producer Adrian Scott—both of whom were part of the “Hollywood Ten” and later sent to jail for contempt of Congress.

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Short / France / 2016 / 15 Mins / French with subtitles
In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, 22 year-old Rebecca and her family question the safety of Jews in France.

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