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2017 East Bay International Jewish Film Festival


  1. The Menten Affair

    Feature / Netherlands / 2016 / Drama, Historical / 145 mins
    Remarkable, riveting and profoundly moving are just some of the descriptions that best describe this drama based on the real life story of Hans Knoop, former editor of a Dutch news magazine. In the mid-70’s, Knoop courageously pursued the investigation of mega-millionaire Pieter Menten, who he suspected was a war criminal. Stellar performances and a taut script make this drama a powerful film about the pursuit of justice and one man’s dogged persistence for the truth.
    The Menten Affair

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Sunday, Mar. 5 6:15pm Box office RUSH only

  2. Partner with the Enemy

    Documentary / Israel / 2015 / Social Issues / 60 mins
    In the midst of the ever-tense Middle East political landscape, two women, one Israeli and one Palestinian, attempt the seemingly impossible: to build a business together. Fighting against societal and family pressure, the two combine forces to create a logistics company that helps Palestinian businessmen navigate the everyday challenges of working in the West Bank. Can the bond between the two women overcome the divisions that threaten to tear their partnership apart?
    Partner with the Enemy

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Monday, Mar. 6 10:00am Box office only

  3. Fever at Dawn

    Feature / Hungary, Israel, Sweden / 2016 / Drama / 114 mins
    This uplifting tale of unvanquished hope is set immediately after World War II. Miklos, a 25 year-old Hungarian Jewish man, is recuperating in a Swedish hospital. Although the doctors are pessimistic about his chances for recovery, he refuses to give up his dream of starting a new life and writes to 117 Hungarian girls who are also recovering from the war. One of them is 19 year-old Lili, who likes Miklos’ letter and starts corresponding with him. Based on the true story of writer/director Peter Gardos’ parents.
    Fever at Dawn

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Monday, Mar. 6 11:50am Box office only

  4. The Venice Ghetto – 500 Years Life

    Documentary / Italy, France / 2015 / Historical / 54 mins
    The film’s title says it all. We see the oldest Jewish ghetto in Europe through the eyes of Lorenzo, a NYC teen, who travels to Venice to learn about his family’s heritage. With the use of stunning footage, lively animation and interviews with local Jews, we learn about the ghetto’s history and evolving culture; the Venetian-Jewish language, and the many Jews from around the world who found refuge in this glorious city.
    The Venice Ghetto – 500 Years of Life

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Monday, Mar. 6 2:40pm Box office only

  5. Beyond the Mountains and Hills

    Feature / Israel / 2016 / Drama / 90 mins
    After Lt. Colonel David Greenbaum retires from the army, he returns home to face many questions: What should he do with the rest of his life? How can he reconnect with his distant wife? Why is his teen-age daughter so rebellious? While David believes that he and his family are good people, their actions unintentionally cause problems that spin out of control. First screened at the Cannes Film Festival, this thought-provoking drama was directed by Eran Kolirin who also helmed The Band’s Visit.
    Beyond the Mountains and Hills

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Monday, Mar. 6 5:10pm Box office only

  6. The People vs. Fritz Bauer

    Feature / Germany / 2015 / Drama, Historical / 105 mins
    Can a West German Attorney General put a top-ranking leader of The Third Reich on trial when former Nazis continue to work in his country’s government? This outstanding, intelligent historical drama explores how Fritz Bauer helped Israel’s secret service capture Adolf Eichmann, one of the major organizers of the Holocaust.
    The People vs. Fritz Bauer

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Monday, Mar. 6 7:30pm Box office only

  7. The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev

    Documentary / Israel / 2016 / Music / 74 mins
    Loyalty to your family can be a virtue. But what happens when the iron-willed, eighty year-old patriarch of a large family (originally from Tajikistan and now living in Tel Aviv) demands that his adult children, grandchildren and even his great grandchildren live under one roof and perform in the family’s long-running musical act? Slowly, some members of the clan begin to resist Papa’s rule.
    The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Tuesday, Mar. 7 10:00am Box office only

  8. The Law

    Feature / France / 2014 / Drama, Historical / 90 mins
    As a young woman, Simone Veil survived Bergen-Belsen during WWII, an experience that would prepare her for her groundbreaking battle for women’s rights in the decades ahead. After the war, she rose in France’s national government, becoming President Chirac’s minister of health in 1974 and the driving force behind a then controversial law to legalize abortion in the 1970s.
    The Law

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Tuesday, Mar. 7 12:30pm Box office only

  9. Aida’s Secrets

    Documentary / Israel, Germany, USA, Canada / 2016 / Mystery / 90 mins
    Nearly 70 years after his birth in a Displaced Person’s Camp in Europe and his adoption by a kibbutz family, Izak learns that his birth mother is still alive and living in North America. The search for his mother and questions about his father are at the center of this powerful film, which screens more like a mystery than a documentary and focuses on timely questions of identity and the plight of displaced persons.
    Aida’s Secrets

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Tuesday, Mar. 7 2:45pm Box office only

  10. Imperium

    Feature / USA / 2016 / Drama, Thriller / 109 mins
    When nuclear material goes missing, FBI agent Angela Zamparo (Toni Colette, The Sixth Sense) fears that the stolen Caesium-137 might be used by domestic terrorists. She recruits an FBI analyst, Nate Foster (Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter) to go undercover and infiltrate a white supremacist, neo-Nazi group. This tense, gripping thriller is based on a true story.

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Tuesday, Mar. 7 5:00pm Box office only