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2017 East Bay International Jewish Film Festival


  1. Moos

    Feature / Netherlands / 2016 / Comedy / 91 mins
    “Moos” is the name of a 20-something woman as well as the title of this good-humored, sweet film. The reconnection to her childhood friend Sam convinces Moos that there is more to life than working in her father’s textile shop, cooking and cleaning. Emboldened, she sets out to accomplish her dream—studying at a prestigious performing arts academy.

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Tuesday, Mar. 7 7:30pm Box office only

  2. FreedomRunners

    Freedom Runners

    Documentary / Israel, Sweden / 2016 / Social Issues / 50 mins
    Should you bestow a first prize medal on the fastest runner in a race? The answer is “of course”—but what do you do if the winning contestant is an illegal refugee? This issue is now on the global agenda due to the great number of refugees fleeing their homelands for freedom in other countries.
    Freedom Runners

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Wednesday, Mar. 8 10:00am Box office only

  3. Septembers of Shiraz

    Feature / USA / 2015 / Drama, Thriller / 110 mins
    Based on true events, this gritty and compelling drama stars Adrian Brody, Salma Hayek, and Shohreh Aghdashloo. It is 1979, and the Shah’s overthrow in Iran has turned the lives of a Jewish family upside down. After Isaac Amin (Brody) is suddenly arrested by the country’s Revolutionary Guards, his wife (Hayek) tries to secure his release from prison while realizing that she can no longer trust those around her.
    Septembers of Shiraz

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Wednesday, Mar. 8 11:45am Box office only

  4. East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem

    Documentary / Israel / 2014 / Music, Social Issues / 80 mins
    Israeli folk-rock superstar David Broza realizes his dream of opening dialogue between different cultures through music. Over an 8-day period in Jerusalem, Broza “jammed” with Israeli, Palestinian and American musicians to create an album while putting aside political differences to develop a close relationship with Palestinian cinematographer Issa Freij.
    East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Wednesday, Mar. 8 2:15pm Box office only

  5. The Origin of Violence

    Feature / France, Germany / 2016 / Drama / 116 mins
    During a school trip to Germany, Nathan Fabre, a young teacher, discovers a photograph of a prisoner in Buchenwald concentration camp who closely resembles his father. His decision to research his father’s past will turn his life upside down. This taut film raises thought-provoking questions about secrets best kept hidden.
    The Origin of Violence

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Wednesday, Mar. 8 4:20pm Box office only

  6. Fanny’s Journey

    Feature / France / 2016 / Drama, Family Friendly / 94 mins
    Courage comes in all sizes...and ages. When a group of Jewish youngsters get separated from a resistance fighter who is helping them leave war-torn France in 1943, 13-year-old Fanny must step up and lead them to safety. A beautiful, lyrical film about bravery, faith and perseverance.
    Fanny’s Journey

    Vine Cinema & Alehouse
    Sunday, Mar. 5 7:30pm Box office only

    Fanny’s Journey

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Wednesday, Mar. 8 7:30pm Box office only

  7. Alive Inside

    Documentary / USA / 2014 / Social Issues / 78 mins
    This stirring documentary reveals how music can improve the mood of those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia as well as boost cognitive skills. Music & Memory researchers Oliver Sacks and Dan Cohen demonstrate how music acts as a backdoor to memory.
    Alive Inside

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Thursday, Mar. 9 10:00am Box office only

  8. Keep Quiet

    Documentary / Hungary, UK / 2016 / Social Issues / 90 mins
    Political firebrand Csanad Szegedi was only in his mid-twenties when he became vice president of Hungary’s far-right extremist party Jobbik. Known for spouting anti-Semitic canards, he is shocked to discover that his grandmother is Jewish but has hidden her identity from her own family. His conversion to Judaism raises troubling questions: Is his change of religion sincere or politically motivated?
    Keep Quiet

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Thursday, Mar. 9 12:00pm Box office only

  9. Belle & Sebastian

    Feature / France / 2013 / Drama, Family Friendly / 104 mins
    With stunning cinematography and the majestic Alps as a backdrop, this heartfelt drama centers on the courage of a young orphan and his dog, a Great Pyrenees. Living in a small village with César, an adoptive “grandfather,” the boy stumbles upon the town’s secret—despite the Nazi occupation, many of the town’s citizens are secretly organizing the passage of Jewish refugees into Switzerland.
    Belle & Sebastian

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Thursday, Mar. 9 2:15pm Box office only

  10. A Grain of Truth

    Feature / Poland / 2015 / Drama, Thriller / 112 mins
    This fierce whodunit focuses on Teodor Szacki, a veteran big city prosecutor now starting life anew in a small Polish town. After a local social activist is brutally murdered, more bodies are found and the public grows increasingly fearful. With the support of another detective, a female prosecutor and a local rabbi, Szacki discovers clues connecting the killings to the historical blood libel myths.
    A Grain of Truth

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Thursday, Mar. 9 4:45pm Box office only