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2017 East Bay International Jewish Film Festival


  1. Glories of Tango

    Feature / Argentina / 2016 / Drama, Music / 117 mins
    Featuring stirring performances and stunning dance numbers, this beautiful story follows Ezequiel, a Jewish psychiatrist at a Buenos Aires hospital, and his interactions with 85-year-old Fermín. Discovering that Fermín can only express himself through the lyrics of old tango songs, Ezequiel uses music to gain insights into his patient’s life and to uncover his country’s past. His research also leads him to fall in love with Eva, a tango instructor and Fermín’s granddaughter.
    Glories of Tango

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Thursday, Mar. 9 7:30pm Box office only

  2. A Heartbeat Away

    Documentary / Israel / 2015 / Social Issues / 54 mins
    What could be more important than saving a life? Dr. Akiva Tamir, a cardiac surgeon, and his team volunteer in Tanzania, Africa where every day five children die from heart conditions. There, they must decide who they can treat with life-saving surgery. Screening with: WINGS OF CHANGE, Documentary, Israel, 2015, 53 Minutes, Hebrew with subtitles. Tel-Aviv University scientist Dr. Leshem is one of the world’s leading authorities on birds and their flight patterns, as well as a leading environmentalist. He works with airports to prevent bird-plane collisions, and with both Israeli and Palestinian farmers—teaching them to use owls to capture mice instead of treating fields with pesticides.
    A Heartbeat Away and Wings of Change

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Friday, Mar. 10 10:00am Box office only

  3. How to Win Enemies

    Feature / Argentina / 2015 / Drama / 80 mins
    It almost seemed too good to be true when Lucas, a 20-something, fast-talking, Buenos Aires lawyer, is wooed by Barbara, a beautiful young woman he meets in a café. But the next morning Barbara has disappeared...and so too has his hidden stash of money. In this eye-catching comedy-drama, the mystery involves not just who is behind the theft... but why.
    How to Win Enemies

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Friday, Mar. 10 12:40pm Box office only

  4. Jerry Lewis: The Man Behind the Clown

    Documentary / France, USA / 2016 / Biography, Comedy / 60 mins
    Even after decades in Hollywood, Jerry Lewis remains an enigma. Seen primarily as a comic actor in America, he is recognized as a cinematic genius by French film critics. This insightful biopic captures the many different sides of the man: his early life, films and television shows; the French love affair with his movies; his long-time relationship with singer/TV sidekick Dean Martin, and his humanitarian work with the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation.
    Jerry Lewis: The Man Behind the Clown

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Sunday, Mar. 12 11:00am Box office only

  5. The Wedding Doll

    Feature / Israel / 2016 / Drama, Social Issues / 82 mins
    Treating all people with dignity is at the core of this powerfully moving feature film about Hagit, a 24 year-old with mild cognitive challenges. Determined to live her own life, she rebels against her mother’s domination, refusing to wed the young man her family has selected for her, and fighting to realize her own dreams—marrying her boss’ son.
    The Wedding Doll

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Sunday, Mar. 12 1:15pm Box office only

  6. Thank You for Calling

    Feature / France / 2015 / Comedy, Drama, Historical / 98 mins
    A daring serial con man who stole over 70 million euros from France’s business and banking elite just by using a cell phone? This suspenseful comedy-drama is based on the unbelievable but true exploits of Gilbert Chikli who invented the “CEO scam” and was able to persuade over 30 bank and company officers to transfer money simply by ringing them up and impersonating their CEO or a French intelligence agent.
    Thank You for Calling

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Sunday, Mar. 12 4:30pm Box office only

  7. Past Life

    Feature / Israel, Poland / 2016 / Drama, Thriller / 109 mins
    We are delighted to close this year’s Festival with Avi Nesher’s drama Past Life after having already screened his movies—The Secrets, The Wonders, The Matchmaker and Rage and Glory. His newest feature film explores the meaning of memory and forgiveness; it was purposefully set in 1977, the year that Anwar Sadat made his historic trip to Jerusalem. Past Life captures the tensions generated between two adult daughters and their father after the young women begin to look into his past. This masterfully crafted drama boasts sterling performances and a gripping musical score.
    Past Life

    Century 16 Theatres Pleasant Hill
    Sunday, Mar. 12 7:00pm Box office only

  8. Remember

    Feature / Canada, Germany / 2015 / Drama, Thriller / 95 mins
    Featuring stellar performances by Christopher Plummer as an elderly Holocaust survivor, and Martin Landau as another survivor in the same residential home, Remember hits a cinematic home run. After Plummer’s wife dies, Landau gives him his marching orders in a detailed letter along with a thick wad of $100 bills. Plummer’s assignment is to confirm the real identity of one of four elderly men who immigrated to North America from Germany after World War II. One of them is the SS guard who killed their families in Auschwitz. This is a film that you will remember long after the credits roll.

    Vine Cinema & Alehouse
    Thursday, Mar. 2 7:30pm Box office only