Denmark, turn of the 19thcentury. Ambitious young Peter, the son of an uncompromising small town preacher, moves to Copenhagen to study engineering and to gain support for his radical plan to supply Denmark’s energy needs by harnessing water and wind power. Complicating matters is his love for Jakobe Salomon, the daughter of a wealthy Jewish merchant. Bille August, one of Denmark’s master directors (Oscar winner for Pelle, The Conqueror), has tackled one of the most influential coming-of-age novels in Danish literature. This enthralling historical drama features outstanding performances, strong camerawork, and elegant staging. It follows Peter’s quest for happiness, which vies with his desire for material success. A must-see saga!

Underwritten by Claire & Paul Rosenzweig.

Underwritten by Helen & Peter Loewenstein, in memory of Jenette and Jack Jeger, Z”L.

NOTE: We are screening this film at an earlier time due to its length.

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