Welcome to our 24th year!

Over the course of 24 years, we’ve screened hundreds of films that have amazed, entertained and informed. Most of all, we have brought the community together in events both big and small, created cultural bridges, and, with our #StandUp screenings, shown the power that even one individual can have in fighting prejudice.

As we move forward to our quarter century anniversary in 2020, we hope to expand our impact with more betweens (films shown between our festivals), and increase our complimentary student screenings. We welcome your thoughts on how we can better make a difference in our community. Talk to us at eastbayjewishfilm@hotmail.com.

This March, we are proud to screen several East Bay premieres, including the Danish historical drama A Fortunate Man, the comedy Stockholm and the Israeli/Ethiopian film Fig TreeThe latter is a heartrending tale of resilience and love based on the Israeli director’s memories of her childhood in war-torn Ethiopia. Our motto has always been See a Film, See the World.  These films as well as many of our others will take you on cinematic journeys that you will never forget.

Dianne Colville and Margaret Winter, EBIJFF Chairs